1.    Install the App:

•   Tap "iPhone/iPad Install"

•   A prompt will appear. Tap Install.

2.  Locate the App in your App Library’s Recently Added Group:

•   Swipe left on your home screen until you see App Library

•   Locate the Recently Added Group where the OPFFA icon will appear.

3.   Wait for Installation:

•   Once the installation has completed, the full icon appears, signifying it's ready.

•   Open the OPFFA app. On the first launch, a warning will appear. Tap Cancel

4.   Trust the App:

•   Go to: Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > UNIONS-AMERICA.COM.

•   Tap "TRUST Unions-America.com" and confirm by tapping the blue "TRUST Unions-America.com, INC".

5.   You’re all set:

•   Return to the OPFFA icon and open the app. Enjoy!

If you need, you can watch a SAMPLE installation video here: